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September 4, 2012
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Homestuck Titles and Land Names

Shard Hikokoro
Title: Heir of Rage
Land: Land of Fire and Friendship
Feel of Land: Dynamic

Zalem Tenshi
Title: Heir of Life
Land: Land of Forests and Roses
Feel of Land: Respectful

Koso Segashi
Title: Knight of Mind
Land: Land of Wisdom and Stars
Feel of Land: Faithful

Hatter Kureiji
Title: Mage of Void
Land: Land of Demons and Darkness
Feel of Land: Free-Wheeling

Danika Estu
Title: Sylph of Heart
Land: Land of Peace and Comfort
Feel of Land: Benevolent

Kukan Ujin
Title: Rogue of Time
Land: Land of Rhythm and Kindness
Feel of Land: Attentive

Osrick Arechi
Title: Page of Mind
Land: Land of Ruins and Desire
Feel of Land: Considerate

Kashi Toshoki
Title: Witch of Doom
Land: Land of Twilight and Gardens
Feel of Land: Benevolent

Trusha Olathe
Title: Maid of Blood
Land: Land of Dreams and Vegetation
Feel of Land: Respectful

Xula Mandara
Title: Knight of Breath
Land: Land of Elements and Chance
Feel of Land: Encouraging

Denjo Akuma
Title: Prince of Blood
Land: Land of Death and Flames
Feel of Land: Reserved

Chalice Surudoisen
Title: Seer of Doom
Land: Land of Slaughter and Chaos
Feel of Land: Free-Wheeling

Lokka Maronishi
Title: Seer of Heart
Land: Land of Illusion and Passion
Feel of Land: Independent

Cagome Segashi
Title: Sylph of Hope
Land: Land of Fantasy and Energy
Feel of Land: Encouraging

Emmy Tenshi
Title: Maid of Space
Land: Land of Treasure and Frogs
Feel of Land: Genuine

Zoro Tenshi
Title: Prince of Doom
Land: Land of Flight and Castles
Feel of Land: Independent
I was really bored, OK? :XD:

Homestuck Title Test: [link]
Homestuck Land Test: [link]
Land Aspects: [link]
Feel of Your Land: [link]

So, yeah. Go nuts if you want. I could care less! :dummy:


Shard the Hedgecat, Zalem the Angelic Hedgehog, Koso the Hedgewolf, Hatter the Irish Hedgehog, Danika the Fox, Kukan the Vocaloid Hedgehog, Osrick the Arctic Fox, Kashi the Chinese Vampire Wolf, Trusha the Marked Seedrian, Xula the Butterfly, Denjo the Demonhog, Chalice the Poison-Barb Demon, Cagome the Energy Hedgewolf, Emmy the Hedgebat, and Zoro the Hedgebat (C) *Zalehard13

Homestuck and its concepts (C) Andrew Hussie
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ShardtheHedgecatplz Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Wow, how cool! This really fits me and everyone else! :D
Zalehard13 Sep 4, 2012  Student General Artist
You're welcome :).
Zalehard13 Sep 5, 2012  Student General Artist

Do you know what Homestuck is?
Zalehard13 Sep 5, 2012  Student General Artist
Have you ever read it?
I can't see it, my mother has forbidden me from reading it.
Zalehard13 Sep 5, 2012  Student General Artist
:O_o: Why???
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cmara Sep 4, 2012   Traditional Artist
Cool....but I no get it :B
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